Who does not know this watermelon fruit, everyone is sure to know this watermelon fruit. Although not all of the likes, but almost everyone loves this watermelon fruit because of its fresh and sweet flavor. What else to enjoy during the daytime is definitely very fresh. This watermelon fruit in addition to its very fresh flavor, this watermelon fruit has a good nutrient content for the health of the body. 

Fruit Watermelon Supug Vitamin A, B6, and C is excellent as a body antioxidant. Its calorie content is also very low so no need to worry about body weight when eating this watermelon fruit. Watermelon fruit is also rich in potassium and lycopen content which is good for cardiovascular health and cancer prevention.

However, behind the fresh flavor and good taste of fruit watermelon for health Tubu, there is also a side effect of body that is caused by the fruit semnagka if we consume it is too excessive.

Well this time I will mention some of the benefits of fruit watermelon and the side effects that cause it is as follows:



This watermelon fruit contains a lot of complex nutrients such as lycopene, vitamin A, vitamin C, and Potassiumwhich can ward off free radicals from exposure to the environment that invade your skin. Among its is the Papara of the sun's UV rays, pollution, smoke vehicles, and other as its. The exposure poses various skin problems such as fine lines, black spots, acne, and premature aging. Antioxidant substances in the watermelon fruit will help the body to release a free radical heap that is in the body so that your skin becomes healthy and bright.


If we have dry and scaly skin problems, watermelon fruit is one of the good fruit to help solve dry and scaly skin problems. Watermelon water contains a very abundant moisture content that can provide extra moisture to our skin. Consume watermelon fruit also keep the body to avoid dehydration. To maximize the fruit watermelon for beauty and health of our skin, in addition to the consumption directly, you can also use this watermelon fruit as a natural mask to provide a maximum result for the moisture of our skin. Use a fruit mask watermelon once a week 2times to get the result we want.


These watermelon fruit in addition to containing complex vitamins that are in need of our body, also contains the kaium which is important in assisting the function of kidney work. The clic contained in this watermelon fruit can clean toxic substances that settle on our kidneys and launch the process of excretion and reduce levels of uric acid that can trigger the formation of kidney stones. Consuming the fruit routinely will also make the process of disposal of toxins and leftovers of food in the body goes more maximally so that the body will feel more fit, light and healthy. 

As we have explained before, that the fruit of the watermelon contains vitamin C and a very high licopene. Both of these substances are very important in protecting the body from attacks of various free radicals that can cause cancer diseases. The jam, the benefit of watermelon fruit to ward off cancer also in the can of high antioxidant compounds found in the content of watermelon fruit, and good to prevent the growth of cancer cells and other malignant diseases.


In the fruit content of smangka, the content of the compound lycopene is functioning to help the body maintain the function of bone and heart work. Watermelon fruit can make blood flow in the heart of the pump more maximally. In addition, the cells in the body also have a well-established and tingkatoxidative blood vessels that have drastically caused the heart attack. Watermelon fruit also has a calcium content that is very effective to form bone density so that the bones become sturdy and free from osteoporosis disease.


Although watermelon fruit has many benefits for the health of the body, watermelon fruit also has less good side effects for health if excessive consumption. Following is an effective watermelon among them as your next:


Although it is needed by the body, but lycopen content in the fruit watermelon when in excessive consumption can interfere with our digestive system and trigger gastrointestinal onset. Excess lycopene in the body will cause our body to experience diarrhea, bloating, nausea, and vomiting so as soon as you consume a watermelon in the same amount only.


Fruit watermelon rich in potassium, but when in excessive consumption, excessive potassium content in the body can trigger a condition called hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is harmful to heart cardiovascular health, which affects irregular heartbeat, muscular performance system disorders, and nervous system disorders. Excess potassium is also bad for kidney organs because the kidneys have to work hard to remove excess potassium in the body and can eventually trigger the occurrence of the functioning of renal performance due to the work of the kidneys too harsh.


Watermelon fruit with antioxidant content and vitamin complex is beneficial for health because it helps to cleanse substances and toxins in the body. But, if in excessive consumption fruit watermelon can be bad effect because the important nutrients contained in the body is also used and wasted. In fact, nutrients are very needed to keep the body strong and powerful.


The fruit of the watermelon contains a high enough gilkemik of 72%. The high value of Gilkemik index in the fruit of the watermelon is what causes the levels of isulin in the pancreas to decompose so that blood sugar levels are decreased and diabetes occurs. Carbohydrate content in watermelon is also quite high so that if in excessive consumption can be harmful to blood sugar levels.


Fruit watermelon If in excessive consumption will make blood pressure in the body to be low so that you will be weak, dizziness, neck cramps, and tingling. Low blood pressure occurs when a person has blood pressure under normal conditions of 120/80 mmHG.

Well that's some watermelon fruit of our body health, but behind the benefits of fruit watermelon There are also side effects for the health of our bodies and excessive consumption. 

So many discussion about watermelon fruit, hopefully this article can increase the knowledge of all of us.

I say thank you for visiting this Healthy home blog.


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