Who is not familiar with this durian fruit?? All are sure to know this durian fruit. Durian fruit is one of the unique and famous because of the durian fruit that has a skin tektur hard and spiked, but it has a very soft fruit flesh, a sweet taste, and a very strong aroma. This durian fruit is one of the original fruit from Southeast Asia including Indonesia. Not very few people really like this durian fruit, in because taste the sweet durian fruit and the texture of the meat is very soft. But there are also people who do not like this durian fruit, with the scent of this very hard durian fruit can make him feel nauseous.

In the following I will mention some benefits of durian fruit for the health of the human body, among others are:

1. Durian fruit can help in the prevention of disease Sembeit. It is in because durian is in one of the fruits that have a high content of fiber and nutrients, the content can smooth defecation regularly. Not only that, the fiber that is possessed by the integrity fruit is also very effective in preventing and debatking the disease of constipation.

2. Durian fruit can prevent anemia. Anemia or blood cells he is normal under not only caused by the deficiency of iron in our body, but the lack of folate content in our body can also cause anemia, anemia caused by the lack of his folate content in the body often referred to by pernsious anemia. Folate content, also commonly referred to as vitamin B9, this folate content is needed to produce red blood cells. This durian fruit is one of the fruits that is the source of the vitamin B9.

3. Durian fruit can help in maintaining bone health. Durian fruit is also rich in the potassium acces in it, when we talk about the health of our bones will focus on calcium. However, not only calcium is needed by our bones, potassium is also one of the essential nutrients that our bones need. Kandunga Potassium is what makes durian fruit beneficial to the health of our bones.

4. Durian fruit can regulate blood sugar levels. This is due to the durian fruit has manganese content in it.

5. Durian fruit is able to maintain theroid function. Durian fruit is one of the fruits that is a good source of copper. When we talk about a teroid gland, iodine is a nutrient that is often associated in it. Going Tetabi in copper also plays a role in the metabolism of teroid mainly on hormone production and absorption. This teroid gland serves as a regulating body's sensitivity to other hormones, making proteins, and can regulate the body's speed in energy burn. Therefore, durian fruit is beneficial to maintain the function of the thyroid gland.

6. Instrumental in the formation of bones and teeth. Durian fruit has one of the content that serves for the formation of bones and teeth, the content is phosphorus. Although calcium is one of the most famous nutrients for bone health, but calcium can not cultivate the formation of bones and teeth without phosphorus.

Well that's some benefits of durian fruit for our body health. Not be thought not?? This spiked fruit has benefits for the health of our body, indeed everyone knows this durian fruit. But not necessarily everyone knows what are the benefits that durian fruit has for the health of our body.

This is the reason that discusses the benefits of durian fruit for our health, I say thank you for visiting the blog of this healthy home.


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