Who is not familiar with my widowed fruit? Everybody must know this duku, this fruit is a fruit that originated from Indonesia, and this fruit many found in the area Musi Rawas, District Ogan Komering, Regency Musi Banyu Asin. This fruit has a sweet flavor and its shape is round like a ball pimpong, and the fruit is one of the seasonal fruits, or fruit that is fruitful at any given moment, so we can not find this fruit at any time.

Do you know, if this fruit has a nutrient content that is quite a lot, and the nutrient content is very sweet for all of us. The Duku has an energy content of 63 calories, a protein of 1 gram, carbohydrate 16.1 grams, fat 0.2 grams, calcium 18 milligrams, phosphorus 9 milligrams, and iron 1 milligrams. In addition, the fruit also has a vitamin A content of 0 IU, vitamin B1 0.05 milligrams, and vitamin C 9 milligrams.


The results are in the can of a study done on 100 grams of Duku, with an amount that can be eaten as much as 64%.

This time I will mention some of the benefits fruit for our body health in the Antanya as follows:

1. Fruit Duku as an anti-oxidant source. This fruit has vitamin C content that serves as an antioxidant. This antioxidant itself is one of the nutrients that serves to avoid the body from damage that can be caused by free radicals.

2. The fruit can prevent premature aging. The fruit is also useful to prevent premature aging.

3. The fruit can also strengthen the teeth. This fruit is very nutritious to strengthen the teeth because this fruit has phosphorus content contained in it. Teeth can be healthy and strong if we consume this fruit on a regular basis.

4. The fruit can also maintain health gums. We can take care of our gum health by consuming vitamin C. Seprti which has been mentioned above, that this fruit has a high vitamin C content, so that the fruit can help to maintain the health of our gums.

5. The fruit can also improve the immune system. All people desperately need this C deficie, to petrify in maintaining the health of the body. Vitamin C content in the fruit is very nutritious to maintain immunity and efficacious also for people who are in the restoration.

6. Duku can launch the digestive system. This fruit has a high fiber content, this fiber content is beneficial to facilitate digestion.

7. The Duku can help in maintaining the health of skin. We can maintain the health of our skin by consuming foods that contain a lot of vitamin E. This fruit also has vitamin E content so that the fruit can maintain the health of our skin.

8. Fruits can also control cholesterol levels. Cholesterol metabolism in our body will turn into bile acids. For someone who is suffering from cholesterol, it can be solved by eating a duku regularly.

Now that's some of the benefits of our fruit for the health of our body, not in the thought? Fruit that is just as much as the ball of the Pimpong has many benefits for the health of our body.



Who does not know the fruit of this date, the fruit is very identical to this month of Ramadan, even the fruit of this date becomes a of one food that is in the meal when breaking the fast. And why palm fruit in the must to eat when breaking the fast, it is not without reason lohh. Because this palm fruit has a healthy efficacy for our body.

Date fruit is a fruit that is rich in nutritional content. Palm fruit is also a source of energy, sugar, and fiber. Important nutrients contained in palm fruits such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc are also contained in this date palm fruit. Not only that, the fruit Kurm also contains vitamin A, K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate.

Well this time I will give some benefits of palm fruit to the health of our body, among them as follows:


Fruit Date Teasuk One of the fruits that can wash the stomach, aka launch our digestion. No wonder if this fruit is recommended for us who often experience indigestion such as constipation. This palm fruit has a very high fiber level, so it can ease our intestines in digesting food. Do you have a hard bowel movement during the devotions satisfied? Silahka you consume this date when breaking the fast and when Suhur.


Palm fruit that has been dry has a content of selium, manganese, copper, and magnesium which become one of the important things to the growth and strength of our bones. Since the people are more prone to bone disease such as osteoporosis, there is no one to routinely consume this date and insert the fruit into your food menu.


Fruit dates One of the fruit is rich in potassium content, and other minerals that can help to lower our blood pressure. Not to mention the date palm fruit also contains a very high fiber, the content of this fiber can serve to stabilize blood sugar levels in the body. An unisex of magnesium content that relaxes the muscles of our heart and blood vessels, making the stresses of the person more controllable.


The fruit of this date has a very high natural sugar content, e.g. glucose, fructose, and sukrosa. This makes palm fruit can increase our energy quickly. This is also the fruit of the date of being one of the identical food during the month of Ramadan. Simply consuming a few dates can already restore energy in our body.


Palm fruit can increase the speed of brain and our brain. This is because fruit palm has potassium content in it, Kuma Fruit become one of the fruit that encourages the health and function of the nervous system of the body. It includes the nervous system of the brain.

It may also be a useful date to prevent plaque in the brain, so that we are not susceptible to Alzheimer's disease. Although the benefits of this one still require further research.


To keep our skin feel supple and soft, you need intake of fitamin C and D. The good news, this date fruit rich in both content, so if we consume this fruit with routine you will be spared from various skin problems. Can also be said, palm fruit can maintain the health of your skin and has anti aging efficacy.


If regular consumption of palm fruit can reduce the risk of developing cancer cells in our colon. This fruit can increase the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. So, if we routinely consume this palm fruit, our intestines will be kept in health and can avoid the deadly disease that is cancer.


A study in the UK published in the journal Nationala Center for Biotecnology information finds if the diligent consuming of palm fruit can lower our risk of coronary heart disease. Thanks to its high anti-oxidant content, palm fruit can stimulate the removal of cholesterol from the ateri cells. Prevents the ateri from being hard and clogged with plaque.

Well that's some of the benefits of palm fruit for our health, the fruit is very identical with the month of Rhamadan this turned out to contain benefits for the health of our body. So if we consume the fruit regularly we will can enjoy its efficacy.

So many articles that discuss the benefits of the fruit for our health, I thank you for visiting the blog of this healthy home.


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